Internship Experience at PPR

by claudiarusman

Since January, I’ve been interning at Professional Public Relations (PPR) as it’s mandatory to complete an internship in my final year at UWS and I thought I would share my insight throughout my internship experience at PPR. For those who are looking to do an internship with PPR, well you’ve come to the right place! If you’re on a hunt of searching an internship and I know it’s an easy job at all, you may find my guide below helpful!

Professional Public Relations us Australia’s leading PR firm and in 2014 they were ranked as 51st on the World PR report. PPR handles major clients such as Emirates, McDonald’s, 2K Games, South African Tourism and so much more!


The interview process at PPR was nothing like I’ve experienced before. The HR manager at PPR is in charge with the recruiting process and the interview goes about 20 minutes. They ask the standard questions such as why you want to intern with us and what do you know about us. So make sure you do some of your research before you step inside and be prepared! Lastly, at PPR they give you an hour to do a writing task to write a basic media release, which you will be given more background info on the brand you are given. Overall, the whole process was simple but like I said it’s best to be prepared and even practice on your writing skill or at least have an idea on how to write a media release.

Things you will do

At PPR you’re not given the usual typical intern tasks such as filling or doing boring admin work. Here you’re exposed to various tasks, which at first might be quite intimidating, or its way outside of your comfort zone. But that’s what it’s all about experiencing an internship and practicing as much as you can before you get in to the ‘real world’. It’s quite daunting at first, but I can ensure you will be privileged.


Here are a couple of my tips before you start your journey with PPR

  • Always offer help on any task, even if you have nothing to do but just ask to show that you’re interested
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially if it’s a task you’re unsure about, always double check. Don’t ever feel like you’re annoying them because they actually appreciate it if you do ask questions.
  • Time management is crucial at PPR. Be sure to come on time to the office and at PPR they like to allocate your tasks for the day, so make sure you’re on top of everything. If you know you can’t get a certain task done, let your supervisor know that you need extra time to work on it.
  • Internships are learning experiences so take everything you’ve learnt from uni or other places you’ve interned at to PPR.
  • Don’t take criticism too hard. Always ask for feedback on how you can improve for next time.
  • Lastly, dress appropriately at PPR. Wear smart casual / semi-corporate.


I can guarantee you will enjoy your time at PPR because it actually feels like you’re doing real work here. Remember it’s all about the experience and practice as much as you can because practice makes perfect. The great thing about PPR is that you’re surrounded by experienced PR practitioners who have been in the industry for over a decade, so use that advantage to seek out for their useful knowledge and make every second count while interning at PPR.

Memorable moment

Lastly, my most memorable moment was when I was asked to pitch to travel media on blog post content on Selfie Stick Vs Go Pro. Contacting via email and phone call was daunting at first because it’s definitely outside of my comfort zone.  But the more pitching you do, the more confident you become. I was lucky to have the Selfie Stick Vs Go Pro story published on and it was exciting to see that published online! See the link below.

Prepared for Gwyneth Howell – 101173 Internship / Semester 1, 2015