Kate Moss turns 40

by claudiarusman

It’s been 26 years since the British Supermodel was spotted at JFK airport in New York City and celebrates her 40th birthday today at a private retreat in the Caribbean.

Moss was recently photographed for the front cover of Playboy, which also ties in with her 40th birthday to mark the current issue of Playboy’s 60th anniversary. She was dressed in the signature bunny gear and shows she’s still got it.

The famous fashion icon is a mother to 11-year-old daughter Lila Grace Moss, she is also a brand ambassador for Rimmel London, Kerastase and St. Tropez tan. She’s graced over 300 magazine covers and recently joined British Vogue as a Contributing Editor.

Every few years, a model comes along who is being compared to as the new Kate Moss, currently Cara Delevingne. But no one can ever replace the British supermodel and she is still on top of her game.

Share-Design_Kate-Moss-at-Home_01Image sourced: http://sharedesign.com/inspirationblog/kate-moss-at-home/